Bankfoot was established in 2016 with a specific aim; to create places. Places to work, to visit, to stay and to enjoy.

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We are a passionate and proactive property development company with our highly experienced team having been involved in a number of major development projects across the UK, alongside range of partners, funds and clients.

The Mayfair-based team can boast a track-record of delivering more than 10 successful and fully completed projects in the last five years, comprising over 500,000sqft of commercial floorspace and a Development Value in excess of £400 million.

We’re committed to delivering successful developments, and our experience spans across all sectors – including office, residential, student residential, leisure, retail and industrial buildings throughout London and the UK.

Where many developers may walk away from a difficult or complex project, at Bankfoot we have the energy for a challenge. With an enthusiastic yet meticulous approach, we are committed to driving a project from inception to completion, to successfully deliver a range of buildings and places.


Bankfoot offers a comprehensive Development Management service, where early in the project cycle our skills and experience can create and unlock development opportunities in a property or site.

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Whether the objective is to generate development profits, enhance investment returns or deliver regeneration benefits, our team has the skills and experience to advise on all aspects of the development process - providing a full turn-key solution and successfully managing your projects from inception to completion.

Bankfoot can formulate an appropriate development strategy whilst managing all aspects of the development process. From the appointment and management of a professional team through to the preparation of a planning application and the selection of a Main Contractor to implement the construction phase of the project, thereby ensuring successful delivery of your project every time.


Bankfoot also undertakes their own development schemes, utilising their knowledge and track record to deliver market-leading spaces.

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The Bankfoot team, individually and collectively, has been at the forefront of the industry for more than ten years and is able draw on its experiences and unique specialist skills across the commercial, retail, leisure and residential sectors. It has proven record of delivering commercially viable and successful developments across the UK.

Innovation and creative thinking play an important role in ensuring that every project is robust in order to meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace.

In addition to its own in-house knowledge, Bankfoot can quickly bring together the right team of experts and professionals to meet the specific needs of a project - ensuring a successful delivery. 


We believe that sustainable development means much more than simply ticking the boxes of regulatory compliance. We use our specific sector knowledge to assess a project and influence the design in a way that seeks to exceed legal requirements in a cost-efficient way, and reduce operational costs for the owner or occupier.

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It’s widely appreciated that the development manager typically has the greatest influence on a building project, but a limited understanding of what it takes to construct a truly sustainable building. Traditionally, the development manager does not have the expertise to explore sustainable opportunities outside of those communicated by the client or their advisor.

We approach sustainable development in a new way. With specific in-house knowledge and expertise, we can enhance our client’s aspirations, explore new opportunities, and assess and recommend these throughout the development life cycle. We communicate this proactive ethos to our like-minded development delivery teams.